Blog Post Test Using The WordPress iPad App

So this is the latest version of the WordPress iPad app…will this be good enough to make me want to stick with WordPress instead of moving to Squarespace?

So far it seems to look and work better than previous versions did….but the image/photo handling simplicity of Squarespace is what appeals to me and making me consider moving over. Well that and the potential for actually finding and editing a design theme that I actually end up being happy with.

We shall see, when I try and post an image I guess… 

Example of Google Photos’ Rediscover feature
 Also, I wonder how easy it would make for doing roundup posts using the WordPress app…could I simply “share a Web page URL” to WordPress using the iOS share option? If not, surely that kind of “Press This” functionality would be very useful future feature for a blogger who wants to make that process as easy as possible.

Charles Eugster: Why Bodybuilding At Age 93 Is A Great Idea

Charles Eugster gives a great presentation on why ‘work, diet and exercise’ should be an integral part of all our lives at all ages, even through into retirement.

Infact he also tells us why ‘retirement’ in its current form isn’t what we should all be working towards at that stage of our lives, it actually does far more harm than good!

Charles is 93, he certainly looks and sounds to be doing very well on maintaining his ‘work, diet and exercise’ for successful ageing. Be inspired!