Charles Eugster: Why Bodybuilding At Age 93 Is A Great Idea

Charles Eugster gives a great presentation on why ‘work, diet and exercise’ should be an integral part of all our lives at all ages, even through into retirement.

Infact he also tells us why ‘retirement’ in its current form isn’t what we should all be working towards at that stage of our lives, it actually does far more harm than good!

Charles is 93, he certainly looks and sounds to be doing very well on maintaining his ‘work, diet and exercise’ for successful ageing. Be inspired!

Aerial View of Niagara Falls

I’ve seen lots of photos and videos of Niagara Falls over the years (often taken from similar perspectives), so without actually having visited it yourself, you get one set idea of what it’s like, but this particular viewpoint certainly gave me a better idea of the actual layout…

If you find that photo interesting, you should then definitely take a few minutes to watch this brilliant aerial video taken from a drone flying over Niagara Falls…

The No. 1 Mistake People Make On Twitter

Now obviously not everybody makes this mistake, but I’m sure there’s an awful lot of Twitter users out there, particularly the more mainstream users that have joined in the past year or two who might not be aware.

Earlier adopters will remember that @ mentions/replies didn’t always work like this, but it might be best to make sure you’re familiar with how it does work now so your tweets aren’t losing potential exposure…
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How to Become A Better Public Speaker

Public speaking is something that a lot of us really don’t like doing, but like with anything practice and following some good tips can make a real difference to the experience. Here’s some great advice in the slideshow below to help you get better and hopefully get to the point where you’re a seasoned pro.

First of all though, I’d personally say one way to do this would be ensure you have a great set of presentation slides to begin with. If PowerPoint isn’t one of your strengths, then outsourcing the design of your slides might be the way to go. Having a great set of creatively designed slides can help take the focus off you and help boost the overall professionalism of your public speaking session….no-one wants to sit and read long, boring lists of bullet points!
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York Minster Photos Taken In 2012

I’m still catching up posting my photos, I took these back when I had an iPhone 4 and had just started playing about with taking photos with the HDR mode turned on. A lot of my early HDR shots ended up being blurred (my current Samsung Galaxy S3 does seem much more forgiving in that regard), but did manage to get these that at least turned out viewable! :)

I’m going to try and get a lot more York Minster shots this year, hopefully in the sunshine if we actually get a summer in 2013!

York Minster
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