Apple iPad, Android Tablet, Leo Drops Google Buzz & Think Visibility (Bookmarks)

Here’s some of the cool webpages and online stuff that I’ve found whilst roaming around the Internet recently and decided to add them to my online Delicious bookmarks between 24th August 2010 and 31st August 2010:

  • Think Visibilty is nearly here – I've been to all these three previous conferences including the the last one, Think Visibility 3 which was definitely the best one so far, therefore I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with for this one which I'll be attending next weekend!
  • New Twitter button and the end of tweetmeme – Interesting to read about the various different Twitter Retweet Buttons (including the new official Twitter one) that are available to us bloggers and how they vary in their counts and what other analytics that they provide – I think I'll be switching to the Topsy retweet button soon!
  • They aren’t called Dragons for nothing! James Caan’s investment practice in the den exposed – Business Matters – I've been a big fan of watching the Dragons' Den show ever since it first started and always enjoyed watching it and appreciated the opportunities that it gave to entrepreneurs, however hearing this story about the way in which James Caan allegedly conducts some of his dragon-investing (or should we say loans) is very disappointing to hear, especially when he replaced a Richard Farleigh who was a great dragon to have on the show.
  • Why Apple Shouldn’t Release A 7″ iPad Mini…Ever! – Ever since I got my Apple iPad tablet device, I've thought long and hard about its design and most specifically the screen size, most of the time I think that I'd prefer the iPad screen to be maybe an inch larger and have a smaller bezel – so would I be at all interested in an iPad with a smaller screen, I don't think so, I'd rather have a slightly larger screen on a thin mobile phone, perhaps up to 4.5" screen size. I don't think Apple should further segment their product range when it's really not needed.
  • Asus Eee Pad scheduled for March ’11 launch | Android Central – Well I decided to buy an Apple iPad on the release day here in the UK, it's definitely cool having a tablet device on hand to use when it's more convenient than a laptop or netbook, but obviously with Apple you've got limitations such as no Flash, so it will be interesting to see what an Android tablet can do and potentially at a cheaper price!
  • I Got My Binky Back! : LOL: The Life of Leo – Leo Laporte gets his Google Buzz working again, but has learnt his lesson of publishing content to something under his control (his blog) and then use social media to publicise it.
  • Buzz Kill : LOL: The Life of Leo – Interesting take on social media and micro-blogging platforms – is everyone just shouting out without listening to each other? An interesting article to read, especially after reading my initial thoughts about Google Buzz launch and whether we needed another social network?