Google Clicking Politician, Stargate Universe, An Independent Filmmaker & Monkey Island?

Here’s some of the cool webpages and online stuff that I’ve found whilst roaming around the Internet recently and decided to add them to my online favourite bookmarks between 26th March 2010 and 6th April 2010:

  • Prominent UK Politician Encourages Google Click Fraud – Interesting with the UK election around a month away, a Labour politician is encouraging Labour supporters to commit Google click fraud! Yeah, these are the kind of people we want running the country!?!?!? But given the whole MP expenses scandal, what else can you expect from politicians?
  • Stargate Universe Review | Sci Fi UK – I'll admit it, I've been a fan of Stargate ever since I first saw the first episode of Stargate: SG1 (I saw the original movie, but the series managed to re-work the idea so much better than the people who did the movie), I also liked Stargate: Atlantis – it was all good fun action series that didn't take itself too seriously. However now with the latest series in the franchise, they've taken a whole new approach to it, it's darker, more serious and more character-based – it's certainly different, whether it ends up being better remains to be seen after only ten episodes so far – take a look at the Stargate: Universe season 1 trailer and see what you think to the look of it!
  • SEO Checklists – On-site SEO – Patrick recently spoke at Think Visibility 3 (March 2010) and gave a great talk on how to build good links into your website. This particular SEO checklist is a really useful document to read through and check that you've got all your bases covered on your existing sites and any new ones that you are setting up!
  • Telltale Games – Tales of Monkey Island – There are certain gaming franchises that will always mean a lot to you and Monkey Island is one of them for me. Ever since I first played the originals on my Amiga 500, I've enjoyed these games, so now that they've been revisited again in the form of these new episodic Tales of Monkey Island and also the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition I'm definitely pleased to have more piratey goodness! If you also like Guybrush Threepwood, you can pick up loads of cool merchandise here like I have – can't wait to get my drinking vessel!
  • The Perils Of Being An Independent Filmmaker | SerenaObhrai.comSerena Obhrai is not only a writer over at Zath, but also for theatre and short-film productions, as well as having been the director and star of her own zelda-inspired theatre production – take a look at her efforts at crowd-sourcing a short-film using Twitter!