Inspiring, Stylish Mac Setups, Facebook Open Alternative, Gorgeous Girls Of Entourage & Steve Jobs Wrong On Flash

Here’s some of the cool webpages and online stuff that I’ve found whilst roaming around the Internet recently and decided to add them to my online Delicious bookmarks between 25th April 2010 and 10th May 2010:

    • My Apology To Sucks • Tim Nash “stuff” Blog – Interesting blog post illustrating how you perhaps should (and shouldn’t) go around contacting people over a typo – ie. perhaps threatening legal action shouldn’t be in your opening email to the person – it might just get people’s backs up a little.
    • Six reasons why Steve Jobs is wrong on Flash | PC Pro blog – Some interesting feedback here on what Steve Jobs wrote in his “blog post” on the Apple website as to why they don’t allow Flash on iPhone and iPad. Personally I’d be more inclined to agree with what Darian has written in this article as to why Flash isn’t used!
    • Game Couch: No More Lightsabers – I used to really like these Star Wars games back around 10-15 years ago, but since then I swear it’s a case of diminishing returns – it’s a real shame as the Lucasarts Star Wars games of old were guaranteed to be great games. Why is it so difficult to get good Star Wars games these days (other than BioWare’s brilliant The Old Republic games series), have Lucasarts sold out on their main franchise just to make easy cash?
    • Next Jen, Blog Banter: What franchise shift bothers you the most? – I remember playing the original X-Com games, this article raises some valid concerns about what might happen to the franchise as it changes into a first-person shooter.