Apple App Store Crackdown, Google Facts, Website Analytics, Future Of Countries & Wayne Goes Wireless!

Here’s some of the cool webpages and online stuff that I’ve found whilst roaming around the Internet recently and decided to add them to my online favourite bookmarks…

  • Wayne unwillingly goes wireless for the weekend – An interesting blog post about what happens if you have an online business and you lose your landline broadband internet access…this reminds me I really need to figure out a better back up other than going to the local cafe to use their free wifi!
  • Apple Continues Its Crackdown On the iPhone App Store – It looks like Apple’s wielding its mighty axe again and removing apps from its App Store that it had previously approved, nothing like moving the goalposts eh? I’m guessing that removing these free website content apps is in preparation for the Kindle ebook reader replacement, the iPad? The less free options to compete with the iPad’s paid-only content the better? Or am I just being to cynical about this move?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Website Analytics Blog | Search Engine Chocolate – It may be over a year ago, but it’s still a blog post full of useful info, especially the presentation slides that have some good ideas for the use of advanced segments in Google Analytics! I now know what content my “engaged visitors” like the most!
  • Google facts and figures: Infographic | Frog’s Digital Design Blog – Google seems to everywhere these days, but just take a look at just how much they’re involved in now and how much they’ve grown in the past ten years or so, truly astonishing!
  • Parag Khanna maps the future of countries | Video on – Another great TED talk video to watch, this time it’s about countries/borders and how they are affected by trade and politics – it’s actually quite interesting how business can shape the world instead of countries directly. Also another TED video you really should watch JJ Abrams’ Mystery Box TED Talk, completely different but also interesting!
  • Google Buzz success or failure – In recent weeks I’ve already asked the question do we really need Google Buzz? – another social network being launching, but if you now take a look at some of the numbers of buzzes happening in comparison to Twitter retweets, it makes for interesting reading, especially considering the site in question specialises in social networks and media, surely their readers would be the most eager users of Buzz if the launch had been successful?