Star Wars Blu-Ray, Best 20 Technology Websites, Quora, Foursquare, Gowalla Social Networks Are Good or Bad?

Here’s some of the cool webpages and online stuff that I’ve found whilst roaming around the Internet recently and decided to add them to my online Delicious bookmarks between 5th January 2011 and 13th January 2011:

  • Star Wars Blu-Ray Boxset Release Date Officially Announced – The time is coming round again…to re-buy the Star Wars films, but this time round in full Blu-Ray HD goodness! As much as the prequels probably don't make much sense, especially the Phantom Menace after I recently saw a video review of it, I'll probably end up getting them all just to have the complete collection. Will you be buying both trilogies or just the originals?
  • 20 Technology Websites that we love | Technology Blog – What to keep up to date with all the latest technology news on the Internet, but don't know which sites might be best? Then just take a look at this great selection of technology websites that will mean you never miss any of the big technology news and reviews!
  • Quora’s Curious Compulsion for Honesty | Search Engine Chocolate – Another social network (of sorts) appears for getting answers to questions you choose to ask while allowing for more discussion than on Twitter. Interestingly founders of online services such as Friendfeed are really embracing it with very honest discussion – but how long will it last?
  • Foursquare Comments Are The Key | Seldom Seen Kid – …and just as I was ready to give up on location-based social netoworking, specifically Foursquare, Zath guest blogger Geetarchurchy comes up with rather good reasoning as to why it's useful now that they allow commenting. I still think that the best use for Foursquare is for travelling to new places, but being able to get useful tips as to whether you should visit certain bars, restaurants and clubs based on people's previous comments and feedback would definitely be good – would you want to east somewhere that numerous people had complained about the poor quality of the food? Why not pre-empt that bad experience?
  • I’m the mayor! So what? – An interesting article on the usage of location-based social networks, especially since I've had two attempts at regularly using Foursquare and one of Gowalla in the past year, however I'm now at the point where I'm close to giving up on it (4sq) again. I feel like the novelty of being a 'mayor' has worn off, especially given so few rewards here in the UK. Also when not using in a large city, few local friends tend to use it, so the benefit of being able to meet up with checked in friends nearby isn't really relevant neither. I think I'll keep the app installed, but purely use it for when I'm travelling and highlighting interesting places rather than using it locally to check into a coffee shop.