Well I know that I’m Simon Barker, but I’m guessing there’s lots of other Simon Barker’s out there too, so in a similar way to Dave Gorman’s “Are You Dave Gorman” book where he went around the world meeting up with other namesakes, I’m thinking that it would be good to ‘virtually’ meet other Simon Barker’s here on my blog.

I’m thought this would be best done in a guest blog post kind of way, perhaps someone searching the Internet for a Simon Barker and arriving here at SimonBarker.com doesn’t specifically find the one they were looking for right now, such as those looking for Simon Barker – @SimonBarker87.

So perhaps if you’d like to write a guest blog post telling us a bit about yourself and what you do and/or something that might be useful and interesting for all of us while at the same time it potentially benefiting you too?

What do you think of this idea? Are you interested in virtually meeting other Simon Barker’s and learning about your other namesakes? Feel free to send me an email to simon@simonbarker.com with enquiries or guest post submissions.

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